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Help us help you determine your eligibility

  1. Are you an adult who is committed to laying Tefillin? (for bar mitzvah boys, please see our policy here).
  2. Are you looking to owning your own pair of Kosher Tefillin
  3. Do you find the cost of Tefillin unaffordable?
If you've replied "yes" to these questions, click here to fill in your application.

Tefillin for Bar Mitzvah Boys

It is our responsibility to our sponsors to ensure that each applicant’s commitment to observing this wonderful Mitzvah has a good chance of remaining long term. As such, we do not distribute Tefillin to Bar Mitzvah boys. Should you need assistance in this regard, and are living in Johannesburg, please contact Rabbi Jonathan Fox at the Chevra Kadisha on 011 532 9600. Cape Town residents are advised to call Rabbi Liebenberg of the Simcha Fund at 021 671 9006.

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