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The Tefillin Bank

The International Tefillin Bank was founded in the USA and brought to Africa by Rabbi Dovid Wineberg in association with the Ichikowitz family. The Tefillin bank of Africa exists to make Tefillin accessible to Jewish males throughout Africa by providing every committed Jewish male with a pair of Tefillin. This initiative aims to bind Tefillin to Jewish males in Africa through education and core torah values and will ultimately lead to greater protection and security for the State of Israel, South Africa and the Jewish Community.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem M Schneerson OBM has for decades emphasized the tremendous spiritual virtue of Jewish men fulfilling the Biblical commandment to bind Tefillin as a sign of service to G-d and a oneness of the Jewish People.

In this spirit the Tefillin Bank of Africa is committed to your commitment.

Bank Rabbi and Director Rabbi Dovid Wineberg is the senior Rabbi at the Green and Sea Point Hebrew Congregation (Marais Road Shul) in Cape Town. Rabbi Wineberg, who hails from Vancouver Canada, moved together with his wife Sara and daughter to South Africa in 1999. His vision that every Jew deserves their own pair of Tefillin has led to his commitment to creating a Tefillin Bank in Africa. Rabbi Wineberg continues to inspire many Jews to fulfill the mitzvah of Tefillin and is dedicated to uplifting Jews in Africa.
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