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Newsletter #4 - 28th September 2011/29 Elul 5771
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Volume 1, # 4
Hi, From The Rabbi!

Rabbi Wineberg BHH 030x.jpgDear Friend,

It’s that time of the year again. The High Holy Days are upon us and we might as well face the passing of another year. And you might wonder to yourself: What do I have to show for this year? Is it a “write-off”, or did I achieve my stated goals? What will I wish for in the coming year? Is it a repeat of last year’s wishes?

It must be exasperating to discover that, in fact, this year’s wish list is really no different to last year’s, or the year before- or the year before that! Each year the various media outlets poll South African’s hopes and dreams in advance of the New Year and invariably it goes something like this: 1. World peace 2. Security 3. Success (both financial and with relationships- we call it “Nachas”). Every year! Shouldn’t it change? Surely, if last year’s wishes were fulfilled we should have new ones for the New Year, and if they weren’t fulfilled, why ask again?

So I wonder if maybe we’re aiming too high. I wonder if the lesson of the past year is to get more realistic and start aiming for something more within reach, something that might actually happen in the next year. Mmm…a little less idealism and a little more realism- doesn’t sound like a very inspiring year…

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Rabbi Dovid Wineberg
Executive Director and Bank Rabbi
Ichikowitz Family Tefillin Bank of Africa
(021) 434 4217

My Story - David

..."My father was all I had left in the world. Why?"...

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The Coachman

... However, when it came to making a resolution concerning his future, Joseph found that it was not so easy to fulfill the Rabbi's words. He, a great scholar, and in his declining days, to begin to drive a horse and wagon! Why, that's preposterous! People will think he's become touched in his head.

For a few days Joseph suffered great mental agony while he was weighing the matter, now for, now against it. Finally, he mustered up all his courage and went down to the market place where the coaches were stationed. When the coachmen saw him approach, every one greeted him respectfully, and offered to take him wherever he wanted to go.

"No, my friends, I have no intention of going any place. I merely came, er ... to get acquainted with your profession," Joseph said bashfully.

The coachmen exchanged curious glances, and looked upon Joseph, wondering whether they understood him clearly.

"It's not like you, Rabbi Joseph, to jest," one of them finally said.

"But I am not jesting," Joseph said, his eyes downcast.

Still the coachmen did not believe him. Some of them thought the old man had lost his wits. Finally, one of them approached him and said earnestly, "Follow me to the stable, Rabbi Joseph, and I will teach you the art."

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"ksiva vchasima tovah"
Q & A
Q. Do I put on my Tefillin on Yom Tov
A. No. Yom Tov is described as the non-working days of the three festivals (Pesach, Shavuot and Sukkot) plus Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur. On Sukkot and Pesach, there are "intermediate days (Chol HaMoed)" where the Ahkenazi custom is to lay tefillin but without making a blessing. Chassidim and Jews in Israel have the custom not to lay tefillin at all on those days. One is obligated to put on Tefillin on all other joyous days e.g. Chanukkah, Purim etc.
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